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The Icarus Society

Femme Fatale Infinitum

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This society is by membership only. It is dedicated to women who have acknowledged that though society is rich and full of information, fascinating people and interpersonal relationships (made beautiful and complete by all the miniscule differences between biology, mythology, race, gender identity, historical/personal experience and more) …there are just some things that need to be explored and nurtured with a little help from our fellow female friends.

There is something unique about being a woman.

Not just biology or psychology. Perhaps a little of both. Perhaps something more.

This community offers self-actualization stimulation for the Evolution-inclined.

This community is dedicated to the women who become Forces of Nature and devour almost everything in their path. Devour, assimilate and evolve.

We are the catalyst and the crucible.

We have questions and we desire answers. We desire tete-a-tete’s with equally strong-willed, creative, beautiful and intricate creatures.

This is not about excluding men or proclaiming women to be better. This is not about screaming for equal-rights or sexual-equality. Most of the women here are too strong to let even social biases step into our path. This is not a fascist’s liberal femi-Nazi elite. However, this community does acknowledge that some women are just better than other women. And if you desire to watch, you’ll probably come to the same conclusion.

This Society is about stimulation and those who thrive upon it. We are the creatures that just can’t help but catch your eye. We are mysteries we don’t even completely comprehend ourselves. But… we want to.

We are the celestial bodies that others burn their wings upon.