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Mar. 9th, 2006 | 11:20 am
posted by: spinallandscape in icarus_society

1)Name & Nicknames:
4) Why do you want to be here?
5) What do you think here is?
6) Who brought you here?
7) Who here do you think you could hang out with?
8) What have you noticed about us?
9) What will you bring to the community:
10) Favorite Book & Why:
11) Favorite Author & Why:
12) Noteworthy, must read books:
13) Favorite Movie & Why:
14) Noteworthy, must see movies:
15) Favorite bands:
16) 5 Favorite songs:
17)Most memorable concert/gig/event etc and why:
18) A poem worth quoting:
19)Favorite Living/Dead Aesthetic:
20) Are you creative? (Explain:)
21) What is Art?
22) What is the worst sin of the top 7?
23) What are the worst short comings in human nature?
24) What is your best trait?
25) What is your worst?
26) How do you try to become a better person?
27) What is one thing to remember when dealing with other people?
28) What is, to you, an unforgivable betrayal?
29) Topic: Sex. Discuss:
30) Topic: Freedom of Speech. Discuss:
31) Name a biblical/mythical/historical female figure you think is awesome and tell us why:
32) Topic: Men. Discuss:
33) What is unique about a female group that could help women fit /better/ into a multi-gendered society?
34) Psychologically, what do you think is the biggest difference between men and women?
35) Dom or Sub? Why?
36) Topic: State of the Union. Discuss:
37) Name a trait about women that men find negative but women should feel proud of.
38) Name a negative (socially considered) trait of women. Discuss your thoughts on it from a societal and personal standpoint.
39) Is there a situation where it is 'right' for a woman to be violent?
40) Is there a situation where it is 'right' for a man to be violent?
41) If your answers to 39 & 40 are different, discuss why that is so.
42) Do women have a greater capacity for ruthlessness? Why or why not?
43) Why the fuck are you special?
44) What are your thoughts on Manipulation?
45) What makes a self-assured female so alluring?
46) When is compassion a weakness?
47) What would you destroy to be yourself?

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Comments {2}


Re: I willl fill out the application

from: spinallandscape
date: Mar. 15th, 2006 07:09 pm (UTC)

Please feel free to post your app here in response. Then we can move it to a full out post when you're done. =) Glad you want to join. We're just getting this started =)

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