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Sep. 22nd, 2006 | 09:57 am
posted by: spinallandscape in icarus_society

I declare today to be National Promote Hotness Day.

You are to give a compliment to at least one person you see who has an awesome sense of style. This is NOT National Ego Boost day that involves 'natural hotness' (svelte body, pretty faces etc)... I'm talking about Options and Accessories, most noteably a great outfit.

I complimented a woman today wearing a Prada-esque streamlined sweaterthing and a leather skirt to work. She just looked Corporate Assassinish, and that MUST be encouraged.

Please reply here with the details of your run in with National Promote Hotness Day. Don't even have to explain who/why you complimented the person, just affirm that you did it.

Don't you start thinking I'm 'doing something for others' or 'giving warm fuzzies'. This is a national act of 'stop dressing so fucking fugly because you are blinding me and making me want to die'. It is to be done for positive reinforcement (because that works best) to sway the world to be a little less slovenly and just plain fugly. I suppose you are more than welcome to pick a sexy person (natural sexyness) and berate and embarass them for wearing something frumpy and boring. Take your pick, but do share.

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